About the Artist - 4th Generation Creative

When I was a child, for a time, I lived with my mother, grandparents, and great grandmother. Back then, I had no idea how fortunate it was to live with four generations in the same home. Now that I am older, with children of my own, I appreciate that time more than I ever have.

My family is filled with creatives. My mother, grandmother, and great grandmother were/are all artists in their own way. They, and many others in my family, have inspired and influenced me.

There was a time when I would write and draw non-stop; as the pressures of adult life took over that happened less and less. For a few years now I have suffered an artistic block. Now that only my mother and my generation remain, I want to makes sure our family's creative legacy carries on. This desire has ignited a new passion to create in me.

From my great grandmother, I learned the impact of creating things that outlive me. I, and many members of my family, have pieces she created that we treasure. From my grandmother, I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature, they joy of nurturing plant life, and the value of creating sustainably. From my mother, I learned to appreciate aesthetic value, the importance of revision, but also the liberation of drawing freely.

SJR Legacy Designs brings together the creativity and artistry of generations to create unique handmade gifts and unique designs from my heart.